Features the pros look for when wallpaper shopping

Wallpaper allows you to completely change the feel of a room. Plus, wallpaper also lets you bring textures and patterns to your space that painting just doesn’t offer.

Here are some features that professionals look for and consider when they’re shopping for wallpaper.

Features with the purchase of wallpaper
Features the pros look for when wallpaper shopping

The meaning of “repeat”

In the wallpaper world, the word “repeat” refers to the distance from the start of a pattern to where it ends and then restarts.

  • The longer a pattern’s repeat, the more paper you’ll probably need to cover your walls.
  • Be sure to talk to the vendor about how much paper you’ll need so you don’t run out in the middle of a wall.

Pre-trimmed paper is a plus

A pre-trimmed wallpaper already has perfect edges and is ready to hang.

  • Pre-trimmed wallpapers are the best choice if you’re working on your first wallpapering job.
  • Thankfully, most wallpapers come pre-trimmed.
  • But, if you’re more experienced, untrimmed wallpaper is also available.

Finding the perfect “match”

When it comes to wallpaper, the “match” refers to how your paper’s pattern aligns from sheet to sheet.

  • When you work with some wallpapers you’ll need to slide adjacent sheets around to make the match and complete the paper’s pattern.
  • Random patterns don’t require this kind of precision, so they’re generally the better choice for wallpaper beginners.

Ensure proper coverage

It might sound like a given, but it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough wallpaper to finish your job.

  • Find out the square metre (or square foot) coverage of the paper you’ve chosen and measure how much space you need to cover.
  • Then figure out exactly how many rolls you’ll need. Then, just in case, buy an extra roll.
  • Or, if you expect that your job will involve tricky cuts or angles, consider buying two extra rolls.

Check your wallpaper’s “washability”

The measure of how much a wallpaper can be washed before it starts to show wear is called its “washability”.

  • Be sure to read your wallpaper’s label to find out how many scrubbings your wallpaper of choice can take.
  • Your wallpaper’s washability is especially important if you have small children.

Now that you know what to watch for when picking wallpaper, you’re on your way to a lovely living space.

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